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180. Raging Gull.

“They’re at it again,” he says. I pretend not to notice. He sighs an Intense Ginger sigh and shakes his Intense Ginger head. “Always them, at it. Fucking animals, the lot of ‘em.” Intense Ginger Bloke is on the internet. … Continue reading

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179. Camp

The road sweeps out of the darkness and into the dawn, through silent, grey villages that cling to the mud-stained hem of the Yorkshire Dales’ crumpled skirts. The van bounces across a hump backed bridge, tents and rucksacks shifting in … Continue reading

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178. Tab Ends.

Broad back, bloke’s haircut, Argos gold at her throat, Tap room tan, football manager’s coat, The only stain on her lips comes from cigarette smoke, A no nonsense wife of a no nonsense bloke. A smile as infrequent as Sunday … Continue reading

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