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175. Sunshine.

Sun in an Empty Room, Edward Hopper, 1963 The morning light is far too bright but I am far too hung over to move, to find shade, so I lie there like a lizard and just take it. Eyes squeezed … Continue reading

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174. Desert Island Dicks

“There’s an awful lot of shite on the telly these days, Luci. An awful lot of shite.” Fucking Amazing Dave carefully hauls the tea-sodden chocolate Digestive from his mug and skillfully flops it into his mouth. His eyes roll in … Continue reading

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173. Billy Burger

The stars are bright tonight, thought Cardboard Supervisor. Brighter than usual. The air was stifling but he didn’t mind that. It was like… Hawaii, or some other exotic location where deep space telescopes peer into the inky blackness, their astronomers … Continue reading

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