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106. Four Minutes.

“Aye, it’s funny the stuff you remember,” he said. Bernie was crouched over a circuit board, huge hands deftly dabbing a soldering iron onto contacts, little wisps of smoke drifting up from the quivering silver. “I always went to the … Continue reading

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105. One finger, one thumb.

I was walking past a print press. It was running itself. The lads who should have been checking ink, print, paper and speed were crowded around a mobile phone, hur hur hur-ing and scratching their bollocks. I kept walking. “Oi, … Continue reading

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104. Come Fly With Me.

Back in the early nineties, my mate Moose wanted to be a pilot. I suppose every kid wants to be a pilot at some point or another, but Moose was the kind of lad who did something about it. He … Continue reading

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