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69. Blazing Saddles.

“Nice bike, Lucifer.” “Thanks, Scorcher.” “I used to have one of those, back in the day.” “Did you now.” “Yeah. Good bikes, Jack Bobson’s.” “Bob Jackson’s” “What?” The bike. It’s made by Bob Jackson’s.” “I know. That’s what I said.” … Continue reading

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68. The Love Hammer

“Hindu.” “Ten sixty six.” “erm… wait a minute… Charlotte Brontë?” “Blue whale.” Hungerford.” “Cadbury’s.” “I haven’t got a fucking clue.” “It’s Coronation Street, you thick cunt, Lucifer!” – I like quizzes. Quizzes are a rather sad way for people without … Continue reading

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67. Beauty and the Yeast.

There’s a hierarchy within the factory. Director look down on managers. Managers look down on office staff and shop floor staff. Office staff look down on shop floor staff. Printers look down on machine assistants. Machine assistants look down on … Continue reading

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