22. Vinegar Stroke.

I’ve just been to the canteen.
Fish butty, banana, apple, can of coke, if you must know.
Anyhow, guess who was there?
Bog Wanker.
He got chips and a Muller light.
Strange combination.
Anyway, he’s hogging the condiments.
First it’s salt.
Then vinegar. Lots and lots of vinegar.
Then ketchup.
He was taking a long time about it.
A queue was forming, waiting to get to the sauce.
There was something disturbing about the way he was loading that shit onto his chips.
He was really into it.
Then I realised.
It was the hand action.
The way he was shaking those bottles…
I couldn’t help it.
i shook my head.
And tutted.
He whipped his head round.
His eyes were kind of squinty, feverish.
He knew.
I knew.
I tutted again, and he jerked away from me.
He knocked his yogurt off the table.
It went all over the floor.
I saw shame in his eyes.
Again, I shook my head.
“You wanker…”

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