17. View from the closet

George is gay.

Problem is, he’s not very good at it.

Whereas other gay people are running round having a good time doing gay things, poor George is clinging to the closet door, desperately in denial.

He came out of the closet for a bit, a few years ago.

but then he got back in.

The door wouldn’t shut properly, so he sort of peeps out sheepishly.

At blokes he fancies.

George fancied Romeo.

If you were going to fancy another bloke, Romeo is a pretty good starting point.

Thick, wavy hair, Italian features, a real charmer.

George was in love.

He would stand around the machine, watching Romeo out of the corner of his eye, sighing a bit as Romeo scooped ink into the ducts, or scrubbed rollers with a cloth.

Jock saw him watching.

“You’ve got your eye on young Romeo, haven’t you George?”

“Yeah…sigh… I mean no! What you on about, Jock?”

“Fuck off, George! Everyone knows you fancy Romeo! Don’t worry about it. Listen. I’ll bet you’d love to touch his cock.”

“Jock! What are you on about? You can’t go round touching lads cocks!

“Can you?”

“Course you can, George! Romeo doesn’t give a shit! Watch this.”

Everybody knew Jock.

He was always fucking about.

You didn’t bat an eyelid no matter what he did.

He walked up to Romeo.

And grabbed his cock.

“Fuck off Jock,” muttered Romeo as he ladelled more ink onto the rollers.

Jock walked back to George.

“There you go! He’s not fussed! Now you try.”

George’s face was flushed with excitement. “Alright! I will!”

He shuffled up to Romeo.

Reached out.

And squeezed his cock through his jeans.

“I said fuck off, Jock,” grumbled Romeo.

Then he looked up.

And saw the sweaty pink face of George smiling back at him.

“Fucking hell!” he roared, throwing down the ink spatula.

George took his cue.

He ran.

Romeo charged after him, howling abuse.

George ducked into the toilets, Romeo in hot pursuit.

“Got you, you filthy pervert!” he cried, and proceeded to punch poor old George about the body.

George was doubled over, squealing.

Romeo towered over him.

“Let’s see how you like it!” he snarled, and grabbed a handful of the front of Georges trousers.

Romeo went pale, let go and ran from the toilets.

He carried on working, a shocked look on his face.

“What’s up, Romeo?” asked Jock.

“It’s George. He had an absolutely fucking massive hard on.”

“Oh. So are you going out now, or what?”

“Fuck off, Jock.”

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