5. Does that turn you on?

“You know something, Lucifer? You’re one weedy fucker.”
I was nineteen. I was thin.
“Thanks for that, Genuflect. Did you know that you are a flabby twat?”
He was twenty six. He’d let himself go.
“Hmmm. I suppose I am. What are we gonna do about it?”
We went to the gym.
Gyms back then weren’t like gyms are now.
They were sweaty.
The floors were concrete.
The walls were brick.
The blokes wore moustaches.
It was a place for real men.
I knew I was male, but I wasn’t sure how ‘man’ I was.
I was going to find out.

The guys were working out.
Fuck knows what I was doing.
I lifted shit.
I pulled at stuff.
I had a long way to go.
The guy who owned the gym was friendly enough.
Titus wasn’t tall, but he was as tall as he was wide.
About five seven wide.
He did pretty good at Mr Universe in the seventies.
He was still formidable.
He kind of strolled around, spotting for some of the guys, shooting the shit and enjoying some man time.
That’s gyms for you.
Too much testosterone.
Not really my scene.

Titus saw me struggling.
He strolled over, his monstrous arms at 45 degrees.
He was wearing mirror shades.
In a cellar.
Then I smelled the booze.
Titus liked the juice.
“Now then Lucy. You struggling?”
Funny. Ha ha.
“I’m just warming up, Titus. Finding my depth.”
“You’ll get nowhere with them weights, sunshine. We only keep them for lasses!”
Titus brought me some ‘man’ weights.
Oh shit.
He made me do curls.
They hurt.
He started shooting the shit, telling stories.
I gritted my teeth, and sweated.
He quickly brought the subject round to sex.
Too quickly for my liking.
“I used to know some names, Lucy. Tough men. Gangsters, you might say. They were good lads, but they didn’t fuck about. Know what I mean?”
I couldn’t speak.
He ha told me to do ten reps.
I was on fifteen.
He’d lost count.
“I said, do you know what I mean, Lucy?”
“Yes. I know what you mean, I think…”
“Good. Ten curls, other arm. Go.”
Titus swayed slightly, then continued.
“Anyway, as I was saying, these men worked hard, played hard.
“Playing meant orgies.”
“The boss was called Steel. He was loaded. I did a bit of enforcing for him now and then. I was part of the inner circle.”
I was at nine reps.
I couldn’t make ten.
I was shaking like I had Parkinsons.
The weight wasn’t going any higher.
“He organised this orgy. We were all sitting in his entertaining room at his mansion, eight of Steel’s men, when these prozzies came in, carrying black hold alls.
“Put the weight down, Lucy. I’m embarrassed for you, lad.”
He made me do bench presses.
“Anyhow, they all stripped down to stockings and sussies, opened those holdalls and brought out the vibrators. They did a fantastic lezzie floor show, Lucy. Filling every hole, they were.”
For fuck’s sake…
Titus leant close to my ear on the bench, my puny arms wobbling around above me holding a bar bell.
“Does that turn you on?” he whispers.
I nearly killed myself with the weight.
“I don’t know Titus. I might take a break.”
Titus didn’t let me take a break.
He made me work harder.
“Well, they finished with each other, then crawled across to us lads. They had us cocks out and in their gobs before we knew what was going on!
“Does that turn you on?”
“Gnnnn… how… many… more…reps?”
“One were sucking me balls, the other were working me John Thomas like a fucking lollypop!
“Does that turn you on?”
“I suppose so… they look at bit heavy, Ow! Fucking Hell!”
“Lift them. GO! One, two…
“As I were saying, next thing I knew I were on my back, this bird sat on my face, and I had two other birds parked on my fingers! Had ‘em both in a bowling ball grip! You know what a bowling ball grip is?”
“Does that turn you on?”
I was close to puking with the pain.
I wasn’t turned on.
“I back scuttled this black lass, and she were sucking off Steel…
“Does that turn you on?
“It went straight up her jacksie liked greased lightning!
“Does that turn you on?
“These two lads had one up each hole, and she had one in the gob…
“Does that turn you on?”
I felt something snap in my wrist.
“AAARGH! You’re turning me on! Your fucking turning me on!! Are you happy?? I cannot take any more, Titus, You’re turning me on so fucking much!! You’re killing me!!!”
The gym had gone very, very quiet.
Genuflect was looking at me in open-mouthed horror.
The moustached muscle heads looked hostile.
Titus walked away, shaking his head.
“Fucking poofter…”

I had to take a week off work.
My arms were fucked.
I didn’t go to the gym again.

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