3. “I’m gonna fuck some sense into you…”

I’d fucked up.
It happens.
A job had gone wrong and it was my fault.
“If you’d been here yesterday evening, Lucifer, I’d have sacked you.”
“I was at the pub yesterday evening, Soulless Boss.”
“Were you now, Lucifer? Well Zulu and Sytex were here sorting your shit out.”
“Zulu likes overtime.”
“Sytex doesn’t. Now fuck off out of my sight.”
I fucked off.
We all make mistakes.
This one was quite big. The whole job had been printed with my fuck up all over it.
It was due out that morning.
My name was mud.
Fuck it.
We all make mistakes.
What bothered me was Sytex.
He was seething.
He wanted to be in the pub last night, but he wasn’t.
I was.
He was at work wiping an apprentices arse.
I kept my head down.
“Lucifer, you cunt. Change the chemistry on the processor, and be quick about it.”
“Ok Sytex.”
I changed the chemistry.
I was on all fours, pulling the barrel out from beneath the machine when a shadow loomed over me.
It was Sytex.
He had his cock out.
I could smell the fucking thing.
“You thick cunt, Lucifer! I’m gonna fuck some sense into you!”
He grabbed me by the head.
And shoved his cock into my ear.
He began to fuck the life out of my ear with his stinking cock.
I’ve had nicer experiences.
“Take that, you stupid bastard! This’ll learn you to make such stupid mistakes!”
It learnt me all right.
It learnt me to keep my cock clean.
In case I ever needed to ear-rape a seventeen year old boy.
I didn’t want to leave his ear smelling like mine did.
There really isn’t enough soap in the world for an experience like that.

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